Health Security Scheme Launched in Andhra Pradesh

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Andhra Pradesh Government recently launched a health care scheme called Health Security Scheme in the favor of poor people, securing the necessities of life.The Health Security Scheme will solve issue by supporting financial assistance to the poor people of the state Andhra Pradesh.

Health Security Scheme to support the poor and just they have to pay only Rs. 6,000 only once to get Rs. 1 lakh benefit continuously for 15 years. Usually, the scheme is aimed at the poor, middle class family who are suffering from health related problems.

The main objective of government to launch Health Security Scheme 2017 Andhra Pradesh is to help in meeting the health needs of the people and provide proper health facility to the poor sections of the society, who are unable to take care of health due to money problem.So, poor people are getting financial protection under Health Security Scheme 2017 Andhra Pradesh..

NOTE: Chief Minister also assured that 16.13 Lakh government employees have access to free health services. The people are getting free medical services under these schemes in the state. 

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is pledged to decrease the health related problems in state and quality living style of people in state, by solving health issues by reducing disease burden, creating an enabling environment, influencing direct and indirect health determinants such as nutrition, water, sanitation and other factors like education and employment in the state. The Government intends to reach the replacement level of fertility, population stability with due attention to disadvantaged sections, inaccessible and remote areas. All programmes, schemes and activities implemented by the Govt. for the promotion of public health and family welfare in the state including the centrally sponsored schemes and externally financed projects. To improve the accessibility and quality of health care services, specific efforts will be ensured to strengthen health infrastructure and promote Public Private Partnership. The Government will strengthen Public Health investments, reduce gender discrimination, protect human rights, create a culture of ethical practices, accountability and involve elected representatives from the community at large in AP.

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