How do I purchase a flat by DDA in Delhi?

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How do I purchase a flat by DDA in Delhi?

Due to some issues, DDA Housing scheme again going delayed till May 2017. Hope this time its launched in April. DDA Flat scheme continuously delayed from last 6 months.

  • Cost of the brochure was Rs 150. If you download it online, you will have to pay the amount at the time of submission.
  • You can apply at the banks that tie up with DDA. Currently, 13 banks had tied up last time with DDA.
  • Documents: photocopy of your PAN card.
  • Any Indian citizen, 18 years of age or above can apply for DDA Housing Scheme. However, you are not eligible to apply if you already own a flat or plot in your or your spouse/child’s name in Delhi.
  • A person can only apply once each year.
  • Yes, both of you can apply separately. However, if both of you are allotted flats, only one can be retained.

If it is about resale of a flat allotted to someone else, you should cross check a few things:

1. Make sure, you are dealing directly with the allottee and do not pay to anybody else any advance.
2. Check allotment letter properly, transfer activity etc.
3. Check if the said flat is freehold or leasehold. Avoid leasehold flats.
4.If they can not get you proper Sale deed duly attested with the registrar of concerned area, forget the property.
5. Apply for a housing loan, you will get a legal opinion by bank’s panel lawyer regarding the feasibility of your property for proper mortgage. If it says unfit, do not dare to put any money in such properties.

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Definitely, DDA Housing scheme 2016 is an affordable housing scheme that offers 13000 flats this time. In fact, the proposal is ready and the scheme is expected to launch by end of December  but due to some issue make it delay. Remember, there are lots of frauds around. They will ask you to give hard cash and hand over you the empty flat with a Rs.100 stamp paper as “Power of attorney”. Supreme court has held that power of attorney does not confer ownership on the attorney holder. I would advise you to avoid properties that doesn’t have clean title or transferability. A sale activity in writing and registered with concerned registrar/sub registrar is the only legal way to get ownership of an immovable property.