LADLI : A new scheme for the girl child in Haryana

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LADLI: The main aim of the LADLI Scheme is to increase the living status of the girl child in the family and in the society and to change the mindset of the people who think negative about girl child, for proper rearing of the girl children  and providing them the right to birth and the right to survival. So that, girl child can live their life with With the prevalence of sex determination tests and female foeticide, the sex ratio of females in the State has declined considerably, which is 861 females per 1000 males as per 2001 census. In order to combat the menace of female foeticide, improve the declining sex ratio of females and increase the number of girls in the families, a new scehme Ladli Scheme is being launched. An educated girl is a powerful force for change, yet over 40% of girls in India never make it to secondary school.

The number of beneficiaries of Ladli scheme was 24800 during the year 2010-11. The amount disbursed under Ladli scheme was 1424.99 lakhs during the year 2010-11.


  • Under the LADLI scheme all parents residents of Haryana or they should have Haryana as a Domicile.
  • Parents, whose birth of their child is after 20th August 2005 are eligible for the cash incentive regardless of their caste, creed, religion, income and the number of sons.
  • At least one of the parents along with the girl children should be residing in Haryana.
  • The birth of both the girl children should be registered.
  • The parents should make sure proper immunization of both the girl children and immunization
    record ( as per age of the girl children) may be produced at the time of receiving each
  • Both sisters should be enrolled in school/Anganwadi centre as per their age.
  • They should have Birth Registration Certificate of both the girl children.


  1. The financial support of Rs. 5000/- per family per year is given to the beneficiary parents
  2. The money is to be deposited in Kisan Vikas Patras in the name of the second girl child through the mother.
  3. In case, the mother is not alive then the money would be deposited in the name of second girl child through the father.
  4. If both the parents are not alive, then this money will be deposited in a name of the second girl child through the guardian.
  5. In case of twin daughters, the incentive would start with immediate effect.
  6. The first installment would be given within one month of the birth of the second girl child.
  7. Successive installments would be given on the birthdays of the second daughter every year.
  8. In the case of death of either of the girl, the incentive shall be stopped with immediate effect. However, the same will be restored from the date it was discontinued on birth of another girl child.

The state government of Haryana has started LADLI scheme to provide financial help of Rs 1400 to the family who have only girl child. Under this scheme the financial assistance will be provided after the completion of 45 years old age of the parents. The financial assistance under this scheme will be provided only up to the parents will be eligible for Old Age Pension scheme.

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