Pm modi gifts 1 lakh more housing unit under pmay

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Good news – Pm Modi announced more houses to be built under Pradhan Mantri Awas YojanaAbout one lakh more housing has been approved for the prime minister’s housing scheme. 4200 crore will be invested for this. In the new sanction, the construction of most houses in Madhya Pradesh has been sanctioned, which is 57131 and Tamil Nadu is followed by 24576.

Gift of more 1 lakh houses under PMAY

This will create the maximum housing in Madhya Pradesh, whose number is 2.66 lakh and if it is discussed about cost, then Rs 18283 crores will be spent. Tamil Nadu in second place, which is 2.52 lakh and talk about cost in it, it will cost 9112 crores.

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The new government guidelines have been given in the interest rate subsidy scheme for the Prime Minister’s housing scheme (urban). Instructions for which the middle-income group will get the benefits of home loan to buy the house.
PM Modi had also announced that those who earn 12 lakh will be given 4% subsidy on the home loan up to 9 lakh. At the same time, those who earn up to 18 lakhs will get three percent subsidy on home loans up to 12 lakhs.
According to official information, with the latest allocation, keeping in mind the poor section of 2151 towns and cities of the entire country, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Eligibility has brought together the plan to build 18.75 lakh houses and started this in June 2015. I went.
In this scheme, all beneficiaries will be benefited from 1 lakh to 2.35 lakh, and this scheme will be implemented for one year only.