UPSC Preparation Tips for Beginners

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UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission and we all know that Civil services Examination is popularly known as IAS exam and includes like IFS, and it is a tough and reputable examination of the country.
Every year millions of young students prepare for this examination from the corner of the country with dream to become an IAS officer. If we look at the process of this examination, we will find that to get success in UPSC, we need to prepare with a accurate strategy and well planned arrangements.
What makes one candidate successful and another failure in UPSC Exam? All the candidates are having books, study materials and all the candidates are dedicated to work. Most of them attend coaching and take advice from seniors and friends but the point is what makes one success and another failure. Civil Service exam never wants one to be ideal , it requires creativity, innovativeness within the candidates.
Points to remember, If you are planning to appear in UPSC Exam:
  • Do selective study because it is not wise to read things which is not required for exam.
  • The first step towards Civil Services is to familiarize yourself with the pattern of the examination.
  • Remember that the selection of subjects in this exam is a very important phase or initial phase and on this phase your determination and success are determined, so when choosing the subject make the decision on its own, because studying any subject is not impossible, but in the subject interest is the first and fundamental basis for success. Stick to your own decision.
  • Due to the syllabus of the Civil Services Examination being very large in size, we will have to study throughout the year, and therefore you have to make every effort to make this scheme successful, and by that you will be able to successfully complete this giant course. Therefore, gradually increasing the study period and understanding the subject matter rather than examine the facts and increasing its perceptional understanding, it is possible to succeed in this examination.
  • Never forget the prime objective of prelims is ‘to check knowledge of candidate’, so you must read as more as possible (keeping syllabus in mind) and remember it.
  • Solve as many as possible objective questions to train your brain for prompt response.
  • After taking guidance from others ( seniors, friends, faculty, family ) put your own strategy, don’t follow their strategy it may not be suitable for you.
Points to follow during preparation and in examination hall:
  • Try to read limited books and follow only one or two newspapers (i.e. The Hindu)
  • Follow anyone book for current affairs.
  • Plan your study period for a week or for a day, helps you to complete the syllabus in time.
  • Prepare your own notes (point-wise notes)
  • Don’t leave difficult topics, spend less time on what you know and more on what you don’t.
  • Don’t be lazy. Do more practice
  • Read question paper slowly word by word so that you can understand what is asked.
  • Don’t cross the word limit while writing in the examination hall.