Yogi Adityanath government on Fire

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The Uttar Pradesh government of chief minister Yogi Adityanath decided to abandon farm loans totaling Rs 36,359 crore on Tuesday, potentially putting pressure on other state governments to follow suit.

In its first cabinet meeting on April 4, fulfilling its poll key promise, the newly elected Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government of UP announced a Rs 30,729 crore scheme to reject crop loans up to Rs 1 lakh of small and marginal farmers in the state and also some other benefits in the future. Pro government voices are lauding the “farm loan” waiver, while the critics are crying foul over a treachery with farmers by restricting it to crop loan only, contrary to poll promises.With this step taken by Yogi Government, farmers are supporting blindly and hope for other needs.

There are around 2.30 crore farmers in UP, with the number of small and marginal farmers coming around 2.10 crore, but not all of them take loans. The UP government said loans up to Rs1 lakh taken by small and marginal farmers will be waived. The waiver, applicable for 2016-17, includes Rs30,729 crore of crop loans, and Rs5,630 crore loans taken by 700,000 farmers which have turned into non-performing assets (NPAs). One indicator for this is the number of Kisan Credit Cards, a major instrument of taking loans by farmers. The KCCs issued till March, 2015 were around 41.32 lakh, covering only a small section of farmers. Further, there are different types of agricultural loans – crop loans, loans against warehouse receipts, produce marketing loans, KCC-based loans, investment loans, etc. A crop loan is a loan given in connection with raising a crop, to be repaid in 18 months, while other loans such as investment loans are meant for direct agricultural and allied activities such as buying a tractor or deepening-boring of new wells etc.

Previous loan waivers like the “Agricultural Debt Waiver and Debt Relief Scheme” launched by UPA government in 2008 included both crop loans and investment loans under its purview. But since the present scheme is limited to crop loans alone, it is expected to cover a smaller number of farmers, estimated to be around 86 lakh, as mentioned by a post on social media by the office of UP CM.

Government will buy wheat

Apart from this, the government will purchase 80 lakh metric tonnes of wheat. 5000 wheat procurement centers will be set up, which will be monitored by the Chief Minister. The money of the support price will be directly invested in the farmers’ account. The intermediaries will end. The farmers will get minimum support price (MSP) of 1625 rupees per quintal for their wheat, besides the transportation and loading of them for ten rupees per quintal. The Government will ensure that all procurement centers have water and adequate shade arrangement. The farmer should make direct purchases on the basis of his base card or other such documents. Potato farmers will be provided relief Three people will be formed to buy potatoes.

Anti-Romeo Squad working well

In the UP government, Minister Shrikant Sharma said that the anti-Romeo team is doing a good job. The campaign has been applauded. Shaft station is built at the station level. The staff comes with a briefing from the officers. He said that the squad has been instructed that Kapal should not be disturbed. Action against the harassing authorities will be taken against Kapal.

Emphasis will be on employment

Shrikant Sharma said that the government will work for the youth not to go out for employment. A group of ministers will go to different states and understand the industry policies there. Here a single window policy will be created. Under the chairmanship of Dinesh Sharma, they will form a group of ministers. There will be an emphasis on capital investment. Illegal slaughterhouses will not run. 26 illegal slaughterhouses were closed.

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