Yogi Code for Ministers: Do not take expensive gifts from 5000, do not stay in hotels

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The UP government of CM Yogi Adityanath has completed his 30 days on Tuesday. Yogi has issued a code of conduct for the UP ministers in his new judgment.This code of conduct also matches the mood of the yogi. Under it, he has cleared that any ministerial cabinet minister will not stay in the expensive hotels. Not only that, they have also cleared that they will not accept any gift worth more than Rs. 5000.

Yogi Code for Ministers

1) The Yogi has issued mandatory orders from the ministers to stay in the Circuit House in non-stop hotels in the expensive hotels for official visits.
2) Yogi has cleared the Code of Conduct that any minister will have to deposit the gift of more than Rs 5000 in the official treasury.
3) Do not do business that is related to government or related to government scheme.
4) Keep ministers away from those who are contractual laborers. No relatives or self has been supplying contracts or goods in any government department itself. If you are involved then separate.
5) The ministers should stay away from big parties. Avoid appearances and feast during the trip.