Yogi Sarkar’s big decision, Akhilesh Samajwadi Smartphone Yojana also canceled

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The Yogi Government of UP has decided to cancel the Akhilesh’s Samajwadi Smartphone Yojana. According to the media report, on Wednesday the Yogi Government has given a major setback to the former SP government. While in power, Akhilesh Yadav started the scheme to give smart phones to make the people of UP smart.

Samajwadi Smartphone Yojana also cancelled

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The main objective of this scheme was to connect with the public. With the help of this scheme, the Akhilesh government wanted to easily send information about all the schemes to the people. The benefit of this scheme was to be given to those who have high school pass. Government employees were excluded from this plan.

Although Akhilesh had delayed the implementation of this scheme, people would be benefited immediately after their return to power. But now the Yogi Government has stabbed him.

List of all samajwadi schemes to be cancelled

As soon as the CM is formed, the Yogi Government has so far decided to close many such schemes which started earlier in the Akhilesh government tenure. In this, the Yogi Sarkar took firm action on Akhilesh’s dream project Gomti River Front.
CM asked for the details of the amount spent on this project, when the authorities began to hesitate in giving details, the CM sat on the inquiry and the assistant engineer was dismissed within 15 days. Similarly, with the elimination of socialist pension scheme, bicycle track scheme, it has decided to change the names of various schemes as well.